Events In The Amphitheater & In Marcus Garvey Park

Ongoing Programming This Summer in Marcus Garvey Park

Game Night 

Every Tuesday Night beginning July 8th, 6 pm until dusk for July and August.  

Join the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance and Street Corner Resources for lawn games and board games. We are happy to have Harlem One Stop as a community sponsor. We will have Dominos, scrabble, lawn checkers and more for people of all ages. Please feel free to bring your own games.



Focus on Literacy in Marcus Garvey Park, Literacy Inc. and the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance invite you to bring the kids and join us for read-alouds and reading to children.

Every Thursday This Summer Beginning July 10th, 10 am – 11 am On the lawn enter at 123rd Street and Mount Morris Park West.

Marcus Garvey Summer 2014 Flyer


About mgpalliance

President of the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance. The original founder of the Alliance Val Bradley serves as the vice president. The 9 member all volunteer board advocates for the community and our mission extends beyond the borders of Marcus Garvey Park.
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4 Responses to Events In The Amphitheater & In Marcus Garvey Park

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  2. Larry Lawrence says:

    The events are great, but the noise level is much too high for the coop apartment owners who live near the park and are coming home tired from work. There should be no megaphones allowed. It is so disturbing.

    • Sonja DeBrosa says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Larry. We should call 311. The MGPA might not know about it.

    • mgpalliance says:

      Sonja is correct. It is a good idea to call 311 for any noise complaints. The Marcus Garvey Park Alliance does not program all of the events in the amphitheater so does not have the authority to control the noise level. You should also be specific as to where the noise is coming from. Mega Phones are not used in the amphitheater so what you are hearing may be coming from another area of the park, most likely the basketball court. Keep in mind sound permits are required and are issued by the 25th precinct. All 311 complaints are forwarded to the 25th precinct who does have the authority to control the noise level. If you determine that the noise is coming from the basketball courts the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance would be happy to speak to the organizers on your behalf and will also share your complaint with Parks Department officials.

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