Daffodil Bulbs and Tulip Bulbs

On October 18th the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance hosted an “It’s My Park Day” event. Volunteers from Local 3 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Odysee House, AHRC Fisher Center, BD Entertainment Group and Community Residents planted 3000 daffodil bulbs  donated by New Yorkers for Parks Daffodil program in the beds on the Madison Avenue side of the park and Tulip Bulbs donated by Partnerships for Parks in the Blue Garden alongside the recreation center.

Photo Cynthia Reed
Photo Cynthia Reed


Local 3 members
Local 3 members
Community residents. Artists and Architects
10153186_395443523936277_1995354331291904235_n Community residents. Artists and Architects

1619220_395068797307083_8433307900089440649_nMarcus Garvey Park has some beautiful old trees that cover the lawns with shade all Spring and Summer but come fall a lot of leaves need to be raked and bagged. Volunteers did manage to get some raking done but will be back next month to rake some more. Let us know if you would like to come out and help.

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