The Marcus Garvey Park Alliance created the Public Art Initiative, an ongoing program to encourage artists, curators and cultural organizations to propose temporary public art installations for sites through out East and Central Harlem. The Marcus Garvey Park Alliance  works collaboratively to facilitate those installations with city agencies and to assist artists with the costs of fabrication, including materials and installation. For more information contact Connie Lee,


An adhesive vinyl installation on the pool house wall in Marcus Garvey Park.               Tiffany Smith, Outdoor/Indoor,  2016. Installed as part of FLUX Art Fair May 3 – May 31

flux-logo copyLast Summer Flux Art Fair Founder Leanne Stella was invited by Marcus Garvey Park Alliance President, Connie Lee to curate a public art installation in Marcus Garvey Park.


Installed on the fence that surrounds the Ball field where Harlem Little League plays is an installation by artist Susan Stair, Tree Reflections, 2016 sponsored in part by the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance

The artist took clay impressions of an  Orange Osage tree that is directly across the walkway. The tree appears to have originally been two trees that intertwined and also happens to be a community favorite.  The clay impressions make up the reflection of the tree that is hung with wire on the fence, colorful mosaics reflect the branches that hang over the fence. Meet the artist on Saturday May 21, 2016 from noon to 3 pm at the site of her installation near  the 120th Street and Mount Morris Park West entrance to Marcus Garvey Park.


Another Harlem based artist who was also awarded funding from the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance, Mira Gandy, “Up Up Up You Mighty Race” 2016. Made from 1916 synthetic hair braids marking the date that Marcus Garvey settled in Harlem. Installed on a light post on the Basketball Court. Madison Avenue and 121st Street.


Jordan Baker Caldwell, Golem (Neighborhood Protector), 2013, Steel, acrylic, mixed media. The sculpture is a patchwork, representative of the different cultures that make up the neighborhood. Installed near the Madison Avenue and 121st Street entrance to Marcus Garvey Park. Jordan was encouraged by Marcus Garvey Park Alliance President to submit his work for the fair and was also one of 15 artists exhibiting that received funding through the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance.


Jose Soto, Focus, 2016 Installed in Harlem Art Park on East 120th Street between Lexington and Third Avenue. The artist took into consideration the existing art works installed in the Harlem Art Park and offers the viewer different perspectives on the sculpture “Growth” by artist Jorge Luis Rodriguez. “Growth” was the first sculpture installed as part of the Percent for Art program over 30 years ago. Because of the generous nature of “Focus” artist Jose Soto was selected to receive an award from the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance Public Art Initiative.

All of the Flux Art Fair installations shown above are sponsored in part by the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance Public Art Initiative with funding provided by the Harlem Community Development Corporation. A total of 15 artist participating in Flux Art Fair, May 2016  received awards. Artists who received awards were selected based on their interpretation of the Curatorial theme “Changing Landscapes” with a priority given to local artists.

Public Art Installations Coming in June

Next Up the Public Art Initiative will relocate four sculptures by the artist Jorge Luis Rodriguez in collaboration with the New York City Department of Transportation’s Art Program.


Fish Spine will be installed on the Meridian,  Lenox Avenue and 123rd Street. Fish Spine was inspired by the artists childhood memories of fishing in the Caribbean Sea

Hummingbirdwill be installed on the meridian, Lenox Avenue and 119th Street. Hummingbird was inspired by the symbiotic relationship between Fauna and Flora.

Birdhouse will be installed on East 106th Street (The Cultural Corridor) and Lexington Avenue across the Street from the Julia de Burgos Cultural Center and Taller Boricua. Birdhouse was inspired by the poetry of Pablo Neruda, “Las aves maltradas”

Palenque Will be installed on East 106th Street (The Cultural Corridor) and Third Avenue. Palenque was inspired by the artists travels in Mexico documenting Mayan Architecture.

Stay Tuned…..The Public Art Initiative will be announcing Summer 2016 installations as they are approved and closer to the installation dates. All Public Art Initiative installations are temporary, most are on view for 3 – 6 months and for a maximum of 11 months.

The Marcus Garvey Park Alliance Public Art Initiative is sponsored in part with funds provided by the Harlem Community Development Corporation

Harlem Community Development Corporation copy

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