Design Phase

FWT CB11 Presentation 6-11-15 Slide 18 Site History

FWT CB11 Presentation 6-11-15 Slide 17 Materials Board

Some material changes have occurred since these drawings were presented in 2014 

FWT CB11 Presentation 6-11-15 Slide 24 Landscape Section A

The Fire Watchtower is being returned to its original site which required the area of the Acropolis to be excavated. When the Acropolis was built, 2′ of the tower was buried and a stone wall was built around it.

FWT CB11 Presentation 6-11-15 Slide 21 Landscape Master Plan

The Landscape plan shows the East facing stone wall removed allowing for greater visibility and an extended lawn area.

Restoration Phase 1

The first phase of the Fire Watchtower restoration, began December 2014, when the tower was encased in scaffolding.

The piece by piece dismantling of the tower was completed April of 2015. All pieces were put into storage before being sent to a casting facility.

Restoration Phase 2

Design adjustments and extensive testing of each piece was undertaken before being sent to a foundry for restoration. A majority of the pieces needed to be recast.

Image Gothamtogo 

The Marcus Garvey Park Alliance and Gothamtogo are working together to document the return of the fire watchtower. The image above courtesy of a Gothamtogo reader is taken from a nearby building. Getting ready for the installation of the fully restored fire watchtower, contractor Nicholson and Gallaway have erected scaffolding at the installation site and have been on site for several months excavating and preparing the site. 

A few photos courtesy Marcus Garvey Park Alliance President, Connie Lee taken from the Acropolis. 

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